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Looters Warehouse

Looters Warehouse is a friendly, family grocery clearance store. At Looters we guarantee our food. Top name brands at Massively reduced prices.

So What Does “Best Before” Mean?

This has nothing to do with SAFETY. The BEST BEFORE date is the manufacturer’s GUIDELINE date. The contents of the tin or container will retain the same taste, colour and texture that it was initially packaged with up until this date. This certainly does not imply that the quality of the contents will have deteriorated to such a degree that renders it unsafe to consume in any way within a few weeks after this date. On the contrary, the contents of the container or tin can remain perfectly safe to eat for up to years after the BEST BEFORE date (See www.StillTasty.com). The contents of a tin cannot become rotten, or spoiled if the can or container has been stored at room temperature in a cool dry place.


Best Before Date

Best Before dates are about Quality, not safety.

When the date is passed, it does not mean the food will be harmful, but it might, over a period of time, begin to lose some flavour and texture.

✓ Looters may stock these items.

Use By Date

Found on fresh meat products and ready to eat meals.

These products should not be sold or consumed after this date because they are not considered safe.

☓ Looters does not stock these items at all.

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Retain your till slip as proof of payment and we will gladly refund your money.

No refunds will be given on any masks or clothing items due to COVID-19 protocols.

  • Looters is a Food Clearance Warehouse.

  • We do not sell foods that are past their use-by date that could be unsafe for consumption.

  • We do reserve the right to limit stock unit purchases per person.

  • We strive to reduce hunger and food wastage.

  • We strive to combat high prices.

  • We declare a war on global warming! Less food waste equals less global warming.